mandag, maj 07, 2007

San Francisco

Had to photograph it. Had to.

Finally I'm getting things in order. New accounting software has been purchased and 2007's fiscal year properly organized well-ahead of next year's filing (and next month's incorporation). More importantly, I'm finally getting around to recalling the San Francisco / Oakland / Sonoma trip that the Muse and I took April 27 - May 1.

A Few Notes, Mostly Visual

I should have used a macro setting on this photo of the Muse's dessert, but the real point is that the dinner and desserts at Boulevard are fantastic. Lord. The four of us--Erin, cK, Scott and Daniel--just sat there sort of blissed out by the end of the meal. We'd had a late dinner on that Saturday (Reservation at 9 pm), and we'd been a bit ambivalent about that, but the late dinner was really nice. The restaurant was still very lively with the 7 pm and 8 pm diners blissed out and laughing and the 9 pm reservations coming in with eagerness to get to it. We weren't fortunate enough to sit in the room with the wonderful Bay Bridge view, but that's no matter. It was a wonderful dinner. Erin and I are going to write a letter of praise to the pastry chef, Jessica Sullivan.

Our hosts in a moment of false suspicion. Daniel (right) owns an excellent hair studio. Scott suffers from Calculust.

We got to sneak in some brunch with friends Andy, Jakki and cute little Billie at the New Zealander in Alameda. We miss these kids in the Twin Cities!

Sunset burning through the fog and overcast sky as we took the ferry away from the city.

Alcatraz? or fog-borne boat?

I'm looking really ragged from the Sunday wandering in San Francisco and Monday's long day of touring Sonoma and drinking wine, but it was such a good trip. Aptly, we snapped this photo at the truly gorgeous Paradise Ridge vineyard. So very comfortable up there and great wine. Though they produce only 5000 cases per year, one of their distributors is in Minnesota. The wine shop on my block, Solo Vino, sells it. Mmmm.

More soon. (And those of you who asked for five questions will be getting those in the next 24 hours!)
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