mandag, april 23, 2007

Perfect Day

Why don't I carry my camera with me more?

Saturday was a perfect day. The Muse and I had brunch with a host of friends over at Costello's. Big thanks to Keith, Kym, Flannery and Mike for getting out the word. (Josh: great to meet Charles. Scotty: total shock and quite nice to see you and Louise again! Kassandra: Always grand to see you and Tempest. Janie: Who would have predicted you and Steve popping through? Gary and Alice: You're just sweet, you know? Yeah, you do.)

After brunch, the Muse and I got out in the early season sun. It was 80 when the sun peaked out from the occasional clouds. Beautiful day. We went leisurely about the 8-hole frisbee golf course in Highland, then stopped over at the Como Park Conservatory to look at some flowers. It was crowded over there, and we saw two unlucky girls who had lost their kite in a tree--it was quite windy in the Park--but all in all people seemed quite happy with the day.

Soaking it up further, we went from the Conservatory over to the patio of the Happy Gnome and had a glass of wine.

Then, lo and behold, the phone rang. It was Rene. She, Don and "Bomb Diggity" Hulles were on the patio at Dixie's. So we finished up and met them for a glass of white wine and some conversation ahead of Don and Rene's Sunday flight to Amsterdam. (I think Hulles stashed himself in a steamer trunk.)

A couple hours and a shower later, we were back out to meet Suzanne and Scott on the patio of the Riverview Wine Bar for a couple hours of catching up.

To top it off, we popped through to say hello to the kids down at Merlins Rest (which opened only on Friday--Congrats John and Lee!). Great to see the kids happy and the business humming along.

It was really lovely not to work for a single minute for the first Saturday in a long time--not to mention (but mentioning) getting an entire day with the Baroness. I am now dearly looking forward to this coming weekend's trip to see Scott and Daniel (and perhaps Jakki and Andy) in San Francisco / Oakland. Woo!

Back to work.
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