tirsdag, april 17, 2007

Bonnie and Clyde Parallel Park

Warm weather made it! It was warm enough that Elizabeth and Alanna (pictured above) were out in summer hats and having ice cream. Danette: Thanks for sharing the photo. Please don't move! I'll miss you, Mike and the girls bunches. Dallas doesn't deserve you!!

Credit Due: And big thanks to Elizabeth P___ for repairing my computer!! It was down Sunday and Monday, meaning I was down Sunday and Monday (most of the time, but never when I'm with the Baroness). Thanks, E. You are appreciated.

So. Yes. Along with the sunshine and ice cream we have gangs of robins. They played hell on my parents' car during their recent visit, and they really took it to this vehicle:

The Bonnie and Clyde Bird-Shit Death Car!!

As if the driver of this unfortunate vehicle heard my laughter, maybe even saw me remove my third-floor screen to hold out my camera for the photos, he got even as best he could by parking within an inch of the Muse's bumper last night. That's about two and a half feet closer than most people in Saint Paul parallel park to one another.

(Yes, we vastly under-use space.)

The view from Casa dela cK. Sunny days! Happy days, friends.

ps: Yes, it's cloudy and cool today, but it was sunny, wasn't it? The Muse and I even sat out on the patio at Frost and sipped some white vino last night. Or did I dream that?
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