torsdag, marts 29, 2007

Miami Vice

The view from our dinner table just off South Beach last night in Miami.

Good fun last night after a long long drive to Miami from Boynton Beach and a long long day of meetings. It took two hours to get there, and that included four hideous back ups--I'm referring to traffic, hey--but the night drive home had far more manageable traffic and took only a little over an hour.

Exhausting day, indeed, but all-around quite educational and worthwhile.

(Dear Muse, if you are reading this, please know some of the folks I was with tried in vain to get a pedicure because they dearly wanted a guilty escape during the work day. Alas, the appointments couldn't be made. Your news of indulging in one was a thing of envy here.)


I had that moment of business travel vertigo when one thinks of where one is yet cannot quite believe it. It isn't because you think, "Hey, look! I'm in Miami!" It's that you think, "I'm in Miami, yet I'm indoors. All day."

For a spell, it's no different than being back in the conference rooms of Bismarck or Reno or anywhere else you may have bunkered down and TCBed.

The engineering nerd in me could not help but photograph a landfill because it is the only type of hill you'll find in South Florida.

Escape was needed, so in the evening a good group of us went to South Beach and ate at a place called Mango's. It was, to say the least, a revealing establishment.

Good god...but good fun. We had a cluster of tables right along the road so got to enjoy snipets of the bar dancing (literally, dancing on the bar; both men and women employees took scantily clad turns dancing to the Latin music), some hot hot cars (including the bar owner's Bentley parked next to us), great weather, and plenty of people-watching.

There was even a bathroom attendant, though this practice seemed sorely out of place there and even the attendant seemed to wear an expression of, "If Fate is to place me in the loo, why is it Mangos' loo?"

For a moment, I was a citizen of Miami.

Drank mojitos and ate an avocado-chicken wrap. Good stuff and good stories all around. I must write more about Miami some day--it was such a curious place--but not today.
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