tirsdag, april 03, 2007

The Tax Man Cometh!!

It's tax season, I had my first meeting with my accountant, and am now putting together the final, necessary receipts to send off my schtuff. The accountant looked at his computer screen and said, "Go find those receipts."

"What do I owe?" I said.

"Find the receipts first," he said. "I don't want to tell you want I'm looking at."

(No worries, Mums and Pops. I reserved enough cash to cover the "no deductions" worst-case-scenario! I think.)

All in all, things are okay. I seemed to have almost understood what was needed in this process.

The Bird

As I met with the accountant, a small, plump, orange-beaked bird kept hopping into the tinted window. Finally I had to ask. The accountant told me that he'd done some research and found that some of the bird's antics were to collect bits of fibers, grasses and cobwebs that had built up on the window in winter and early spring. The bird then transports them to a nest in a nearby tree.

But sometimes the bird just stands there headbanging on the glass, having mistaken its own reflection for a rival bird in this the mating season.

So as we went through my finances the bird kept joyously flying into the window while in the larger office around the corner the owner of the firm was laying down a serious bluestreak about a client he'd lost it at.

He was saying, "Every year! Every year her shit is all fucked up! I've had it!"

I suppose this is every accountant after four months of handling taxes, but in the public's defense, we aren't accountants. If we were, we wouldn't be coming to you.

My accountant was sitting there with an expression that seemed to convey, "Let's pretend we aren't hearing this." And I sat there with an expression of bemusement and a quiet resolve to never meet with the top guy.


This frittata, baked by the Muse, was AWESOME.

Unconnected to it: I will probably incorporate my business later this year for tax purposes. It'll cost $1100 or so, but it'll save me $3000 - $5000 in filing next year.

Any suggestions for an incorporated business name?
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