fredag, april 06, 2007

Crimewave: Où est Shaft?

Been gone, baby, gone with so many projects, so much to do for finalizing taxes, so little sleep, and plenty of little dramas--the freshest of which being the rather rude smashing of one of the Muse's car windows last night. This happened in the same parking lot in which one of my taillights was smashed.


I'm having revenge fantasies.

Boars Town

So prior to discovering the vandalism, Hulles, the Muse and I were at Frost, and Tommy was making drinks, and we started riffing on various songs and movies, replacing "boys" with "boars." I love this game. It left our faces hurting from laughter.

"Boars don't cry"
"Boars on the Side"
"The boars are back in town"
"Where the Boars Are"
"I know what boars like (I know what hogs want)"
"Let's hear it for the boar!"

And my favorite, Duran Duran's classic "Wild Boars." I'm particularly fond of this one because I think about the deep, computer-altered voice drawing out "Boars..." after Simon Le Bon cries "Wild!" (with a slight echo effect).

All this laughter was wonderfully capped off by Tom's news that he hopes to put a version of this drink on his summer menu and name it for our friend Lol. The drink name Tom is suggesting: Dali Lollie.


Famous French-Dubbed Exchanges from American Cinema

Person 1: Ferme-la!
Person 2: Je parle juste de Shaft!

(Thanks to Lollie for helping on this)
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