fredag, april 20, 2007

Purr Box

Cats have this purring reflex. For lack of a vet's terminology, we'll call it the purr box. Their world is right: the cat purrs. You scratch behind their ears, you share with them your electric blanket in the winter: purring kitties.

But what if humans had an uncontrollable purr reflex?

You'd never be able to play it cool on a date. Your date would know exactly how you felt. Moments of silence? Nope. That's you with your wandering mind spoiling the moment with a throbbing purr.

The massive burrito I took on the other day.

Imagine the crises of teenagers as everyone discovers who the real nerds are! "I was in history class and we were talking about Abe Lincoln--and my purr box totally went off! I could have died."

The selection of a popular candidate for president at a national convention: imagine how creepy that auditorium would sound!

This thought sustains me.

Looking Forward To...

Meeting the Muse, Hulles and perhaps a few other roustabouts down the block at Frost tonight.
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