onsdag, april 18, 2007


While I'm finding hope a difficult thing right now, my jade plant keeps reminding me that we have blue skies and fresh air and that all good things are possible. Thank you, Bert (the plant). I appreciate you.

I had considered writing about violence in creative writing class material, because I've been through many workshops and have taught a class of writers, and all in all have read awful material (awful in both content and presentation). But I'll hold back on that. I'm not really sure what value discussing it is--though I admit I scoured the internet yesterday in search of copies of Cho Seung-Hiu's crappy plays.

And then I think about how horrifying and sad it is. And then I read the world news and find 150+ killed in this morning's bombings in Iraq. And I think that we'd need one of these Virginia Tech incidents to happen every day in order to understand better what the Iraqi people are feeling.

I'm not saying Americans don't feel for Iraqis or that we shouldn't mourn for what happened in Blacksburg. I'm certainly not saying, "Let's have some perspective." Jesus. It's just that all these things are together in my head.

We're walking through it, man.

So. I shouldn't be reading Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road right now, but I am.

Moving on...


The non-work things I want to accomplish before going to sleep today:

* I want to send ephemera to Johnny G. in Chambana.
* I want to eat a too-big burrito with avocado.
* I want to take a walk with the Muse in the late-day sun because we have late-day sun now.
* I want to find a book to read on the flights to and from San Francisco next weekend (April 27 - May 1). Something light. No more end-of-the-world stuff.
* I want to find out who got voted off American Idol even though I don't watch the show.

The Hit Parade

Ireland: I am thinking about you--and how your map shape looks like a Care Bear doing a belly flop.

The most popular way into this blog is through a link to the map of Florida I have posted here.

It has been an unintentional stat-maker (particularly for hits from government computers). This makes me think I should do other things simply to gain hits (rather than readers, for who doesn't like numbers in their favor?). I might, for example, ask: Did Sanjaya have a connection to Anna Nicole Smith's death?
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