torsdag, april 26, 2007

In Brief

Things of late I've written in the comments sections at other blogs (meaning: still seeking a balance between work, life and writing interests):

From Night Editor's blog:

I was at a writer's party in Carbondale, Illinois. (It wasn't exclusively for writers, but we were always the thickest knot at any party, and probably hosted 90% of them.) I had thrown on some wrinkled t-shirt. It was clean, I swear, but I'd neglected to fold my laundry.

Behind, a man said, "Writers are the most rumpled people in the world."

I turned. It was a poet. And he was drinking from a bottle of Night Train.

Fire in the Brain
From Jana's blog:

I believe it was April - May of 2002 (possibly 2001) when my trivia partner Christopher and I went on a crazy tear at the old old Molly Quinn's. We played under the name The Headless Norsemen and wound up winning something like 6 out of 8 quizzes before the Quizmaster, one Bill Watkins, took a summer break from quizzing.

Though Christopher and I rarely enjoyed victorious quizzes after that, those wins were immensely satisfying and gave us a smarty-pants mystique with some of the other players.

There are periods in life where the brain is really firing. And when you get multiple firing brains in one space: magic.

from Lollie's blog:

...And I note that you chose to take the steamer to England but not Cleveland. Whither the Cleveland Steamer?
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