torsdag, april 26, 2007

Odd Eaves

I was droppin' some eaves over at the Frost at lunch. Dan served up a nice pinot noir (when I called for a wildcard red) and I housed the potato-puree pizza. Man that's good!

A power lunch was going on among eight people on the other end of the room. Dessert was ordered. They finished. Someone else was coming over for a quick chat so the youngsters at the table (the office wage slaves, one assumes) got up to leave. One man and two women would be left.

One woman called after the departing yout's, "And I'd like new spreadsheets."

"Alright," the poor guy said.

"This afternoon," she said.

Way to kill his lunch, lady.

So now it's the power people of the power lunch. The fourth shows up for the chat. Then the beefy guy at the table--the guy with the booming voice--says to the woman beside him, "I never would have said I noticed you wore a different shade of lipstick everyday. I didn't notice. Am I just dense?"

She said, deadpan, "Yeah."

"I had a feeling about that," he said. "The fact I even asked told me it was true."
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