tirsdag, april 11, 2006

Why Winter Isn't So Bad

After five months of winter, one is truly appreciative of warmer weather. Can you blame us? We'll take every minute we can outdoors now. I may even forego watching my precious Days midday and take a walk during this lunch hour instead.

Last night it was in the upper 60s, I think, so with the mums and grams in town, bro sis and I thought it'd be good to eat outside here in Cathedral Hill. We've many good restaurants on Selby, and during the warmer months we eat outdoors, drink coffee outdoors, wander like vagabonds outdoors. I called Frost to ask if the patio was open, but they were turning everything to voicemail (as if they're THAT busy), so I called the Vintage. I asked if the garden was open and she said, "Give us five minutes." "I'll give you 30," I said.

When we arrived, there were already six full tables or so. I popped into the restaurant to make sure we didn't need to check at the desk first. There wasn't a soul but a very lonely-looking bartender in there.

The corner of the garden was still littered with iron table legs and other detritus that will gain order as the weeks progress, but we'd caught the staff so entirely off-guard. They are saints for setting it all up.

A sauvignon blanc, a pizza and some fine conversation later, I felt for the first time this year that we might really be beyond the reach of winter and that the neighborhood's sun season would now govern our lives.

Fingers are crossed.
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