onsdag, marts 29, 2006

What's that in Fox's pocket?

A blogger/actor, Mollye Knox, was just called in for a little shoot on the set of Passions. Clap your hands! Say yeah! WOO-WOO!! According to her spoiler-free account of the day, Fox Crane (aka Mark Cameron Wystrach, if you're into reality) is a flirt, but a non-creepy flirt.

Should we be surprised? After all, Fox has tried repeatedly to get that increasingly fickle Kay Bennett to marry him, yet she's allowed Tabitha, that witch! (Seriously. Tabitha's a witch, spells and everything.), to convince her to say NO to Fox. Now Miguel has returned to Harmony and Kay is dreaming of him and darn near had a face-sucking session with him on today's episode.

This sort of defection of the heart is sure to unmoor even the actor's heart. Poor Fox/Mark. His heart's gonna get broken.

Ah, and if you like a teaser, well, Mollye reports that Mark's hiding something in his pocket...eh-hem. Check out her account.

Oy, Mollye! Congrats. I hope the SAG card helps kick open a few more doors.

Now, I guarantee she was having more fun on the Passions set than I was here in my living room. Anyone care to do a comparitive analysis between data tables in Korean, German and (arguably) English? Me neither. Alas, I survived. Woo! Cookie.

1. I really like Fancy in the rhinestone eye-patch! It ain't a pirate thing. I'm really sick of pirates, actually. Maybe it's a Kill Bill thing. (I did just download Tomoyasu Hotei's "Battle without Honor or Humanity" from iTunes.) Heck, I should give Fancy the benefit of the doubt. She's a Crane! Those are probably diamonds on her eyepatch. For those of you not following the show, the bum eye is the only injury she suffered from getting run over BY A CAR. The Cranes are tough, bub.
2. I need another day to dawn on Harmony because I can't stand that weird coat Teresa's been wearing for, what?, two weeks? When she's seated behind a desk, it looks like a suit coat. When she's standing, it looks like the lovechild of a long-tailed tuxedo jacket and a seriously short riding jacket. And think of how sweaty her left hand is getting cupping that glass constantly.
3. Am considering writing the screenplay sequel to Six Pack. Lie to me. Tell me you'll see it. I can't be the only one anticipating its 25th anniversary!
4. I'm still really liking Mew's Zookeeper's Boy. Some Danish music for you! The song just keeps twisting.
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