onsdag, marts 29, 2006

Prick him, does Dr. Alex North not bleed? And heal freakishly fast?

Dr. Alex North, yet another psychopath character whose powers of villainy are greatly enhanced by his proximity to Dr. Marlena Evans, is somewhat unbreakable. Any of you who watch Days of Our Lives know that plot lines move painfully slow, yet in what has been perhaps five weeks of episodes, elapsing perhaps one week on the show, Dr. Alex North has been shot, fallen two stories to the pavement below, hospitalized twice, beaten bloody and purple twice by John Black, and yet shows no sustainable bruising. Not a scratch on him at the moment.

John Black--aka Roman Brady [he was brainwashed by Stefano DiMera for this extensive plotline], aka Forrest Alamain [yet another anachronistically justified storyline] is currently taking aim at North. Literally. With a gun.

I realize a bullet to North might be lethal, THIS time, but I would really like a shrewd autopsy to reveal North's freakish healing condition.

Is there a medical condition to explain this?

And what hormone is Marlena Evans releasing to cause such behavior in John Black, Roman Brady (the REAL Roman Brady, though North is played by the original), Alex North, and Stefano DiMera? Deidrahallatonin?

I'd also like to note the eerie resemblance between the current Roman Brady, who's played by the dad from the Hogan Family, and the vampires on the Buffy series. Same hairline, wrinkled forehead, shrivelled upper lip.
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