fredag, marts 31, 2006

The Management of Time

It's fascinating, by which I mean unfairly convenient, the way these soaps can toy with time. Here on Days, we've seen a week pass in Salem (over the last few weeks in our world), yet in less than 12 hours of Salem time, the police (led by Abe, whose site was recently restored), have suddenly decided that John Black has suffered a psychological split. They have surrounded Alex North and Marlena's wedding chapel and have brought in their ace sniper (who happens to be having an affair with Abe's wife, Lexi) to shoot John Black on sight. But it really was less than 12 hours ago in Salem when Abe and John were just talking.

So John's psychological state and storyline have aged considereably faster than the time in Salem. The police agree. Odd.

Dear Dr. Stephen Hawking, why don't you write a book about THIS? You can't be soley consumed with the black depths of space, dude. We've got to have some escapes. ...


1. The red curry with fried tofu from Pad Thai on Grand is outstanding. Not quite hot enough for me, but still outstanding. They ask, "How spicey?" and I say, "Very." And they pause. They say, "Hot?" and I say, "Very." And they say, "You sure?" And I say, "Yes." I think they held back again. But why? Why are they so resistant to amp it? Are the hottest spices confined to reinforced drums kept in a special climate-controlled environment? and must they be retrieved by employees dressed in Hazmat suits? Red lights flash. Welder's masks are lowered. Busboys run for it.

2. Alex North, who is played by the man who originally played Roman Brady, looks a bit like Rowan Atkinson. Especially on the show. It has something to do with the way North's cheeks wrinkle when he smiles. The folds seem to match the expressive folds in Atkinson's forehead. In Dr. Alex North's press photo, he has a touch of Michael Caine.

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