torsdag, marts 30, 2006


Maverick's roast beef today. Dr. Alex North continues to boast of how he's going to "take Marlena away forever." Why? Why? WHY!? I accept that Salem is a three-hour drive from Chicago, New Orleans and anywhere else they want to go; I accept that Jack is never dead; and that John Black and Hope Brady will never ever be able to control that one raised eyebrow (the fart sniffer); but Why Why Why do these people scheme to take Marlena away "forever"? To island paradises? to evil strongholds? WTF?

Lucas: Your facial hair looks WAY too much like the magnetic hair in that old toy, Wooly Willy. You know, the one with the Mr. Clean-like smiling face and the metal shavings behind a plastic screen. You use a magnetic stick to move shavings up onto the guy's head, or to sculpt a goatee. Yeah. That guy. That's your facial hair...only you've got a quality about it that also makes it seem like you sweat stubble. Odd.

Not-so-random-thing to feel really good about: Jill Carroll has been freed in Iraq.

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