mandag, april 03, 2006

Sort of Fresh

Lunch and I'm feeling only mildly up to speed. Good thing it's a Bo-Hope, Frankie-Jennifer day on Days, which means I can work through lunch...not that one should, but when necessary, hey: The Frankie-Jennifer plotline is so boring one needs not be concerned.

(Crap. Why all the e-mail content on the show? It's riveting, really, to watch characteres stare at computer screens.)

Of late, it seems only about half of each episode of Days is fresh. I suppose this is the mode in soap tv now. They have to pay the actors for each episode on which they appear (whether filmed for that day, one day's shooting spread out over mulitple episodes, or shown as flashback), but they don't have to pay all the set workers. I'm sure of that.

So, yes, half an episode. What with commercials every five to seven minutes, I suppose we have 15 minutes of new footage in an hour drama, if that, per day. The rest is flashbacks to the previous episode and recent episodes; you know, get people up to speed. Have they tired of doing this with dialogue? Example: "Do you mean to tell me that you're giving up on your love for Bo? Your soul mate? The man you've been with for 25 years? You're giving up even though you are both suffering over the death of your son Zach due to the negligent driving of Bo's daughter Chelsea? Even though the two of you have been through so many other things, such as when Bo saved you from Stefano's island prison? Even though he's the father of your son Sean who's just married my sister Mimi?" Must have tired of it. The white-washed flashback is queen.

Most entertaining: They just showed an extended montage from 20 years ago. Bo and Hope on a boat, a la Duran Duran's "Rio" video. The accompanying music I'd heard before, so I did a search and found the Bo and Hope song by one Kelly Moneymaker.

Again, lunch. Ate a bean and rice burrito bigger than a brick. The motherly woman who took the order frowned at me and skimped on the black beans. The daughterly woman next to her smiled and gave me extra guacamole. Lovely.
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