fredag, marts 31, 2006

Qualified Help

The Days episode just ended with Sean spotting John's hiding point in the bellfry, just as John had put the very obvious red-beaded site on North's chest. (Who doesn't spot the laser site on his black jacket?) The sniper took position in a confessional, first closing the curtain, as if to hide, then pushing it open on its runners with his gun, putting himself full in view.

This is the point: Roman says to Abe and Sean and the sniper, let's get up there and see if we can't stop him from killing North. You know, keep John off death row. So Roman, a high-ranking cop, slaps Sean, just a cop's son, in the chest and says, "C'mon." How is Sean qualified for this!?

This reminds me of the end of Star Trek VI. The crew of the Enterprise beams to earth to stop an assassination. Who do they send up the stair after the assassin? The least in shape among them: plump Scotty. Guh?

Still not tired of the commercial for the drain unclogger. It's the one with the beautiful French couple having a romantic dinner, a moment that's interrupted by a disgusting hair clog landing on their table like a lump of dung. We cut to an ordinairy American couple staring into a clean sink. One says, "I wonder where the clog went?"

Back to work.
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