tirsdag, april 04, 2006

Excuse My Language, But ...

We're growing bladders in a lab. BLADDERS. We're taking bladder cells and GROWING new fucking bladders.

I can't control my language or awe with that. Sorry, but that's really fucking strange and cool and very very creepy.

This recalls to me a scene from Swamp Thing. The villains just chopped off Swamp Thing's right arm. He's chained to a wall. They leave the room. So Swamp Thing, being mostly plant matter, strains to get his stump arm into sun light. He's waiting for the sun to angle enough. He needs this arm, baby, if he's going to get out of this thing alive. C'mon Swamp Thing!

There it is! The sun! The light hits his arm, photosynthesis rages, and Swamp Thing regrows his friggin' arm, breaks out, and, we can assume though I don't have a memory of it, exacts revenge.


So as not to end on a profane note, allow me to quote for you the tagline to Wes Craven's 1982 cinematic production of Swamp Thing:

"Science transformed him into a monster. Love changed him even more!"

Here's hoping we can all be a little more like Swamp Thing as we sally forth into an ever more incomprehensible future.
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