lørdag, december 09, 2006

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers and Jeers, courtesy of the free wi-fi at Palm Beach International (PBI) Airport and an unexpected delay:


* To all named Peggs and Costa. Wonderful to see you all this week.
* To Stan and Laurene for hosting the Christmas party
* To Lollie who drove me from Jupiter (a real city, no less) to the airport in West Palm this morning
* To the juvenile effects of alcohol (See jeers note regarding the Jupiter police)
* To Lyn's angry stories about her neighbors
* To a vomiting cat at Ray and Lara's. Poor kitty.


* To a vomiting cat at Ray and Lara's. Poor Lollie, having to mop up that warm mess. Poor Ray, having to so frequently step in it.
* To the Jupiter police for breaking up the boys' attempt to disassemble a swingset and reassemble it over a neighbor's car.
* To Lyn and Ian's bad neighbor
* To United for Ted (an airline) for refusing to post an estimated time of departure to Chicago!! Grrr. I can handle delays, but if you won't even guess--c'mon, dudes. Give us something. Something!
* To the zombie who cut my head off with a chainsaw in Resident Evil 4 the other night.
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