fredag, december 08, 2006


It's Friday. I've survived my days in Florida. Slightly cool (for here) weather and a couple storms have given me some of the comforts of a more northern home.

Took a ride in a 1979 MG convertible last night. (Thanks, Ian!) And then was on the receiving end of one kickass pizza. (Thanks, Lollie!)

Holiday party with strangers this eve. I think I'm going to make it something of a scavenger hunt. For example, I would put foreign-bought earrings on the list of things to discover. (Sorry, middleman purchases don't count, China. I'm talking about the wearer having acquired them outside the US.)

Back in the halcyon days of college when I was challenged by papers, I would choose a word, such as analgesic, and find a way to incorporate it into a paper about a book of short stories or the parliamentary system in Sweden. I found it to be the absolute best method of finding a way into a paper.

Then, when I hit a lull in inspiration, I'd transition to stage two: writing the paper in the cadence of someone like Burt Wolf or an NPR announcer.

I won't adopt other cadences tonight, but I will use the word/item-based approach by which to prize information.

Foreign earrings, pulled muscles, cell phone photos, one's preferred karaoke songs, etc.
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