torsdag, november 30, 2006

Serves Me Right

I indulge in McDonald's rarely outside of roadtrips. On my recent drive back to Minnesota from Chicago, I attempted to continue this crap-laden tradition but was denied my cheeseburger and fries.

And I was denied it by McDonald's. Specifically: by an employee with a rather imposing sense of time.

I don't recall what town this was. Baraboo, I think. The Baraboo - Lake Delton exit from I-94. Near there. It was by the Great Wolf Lodge and the Kalahari Resort, both being Dells-oriented joints with massive indoor/outdoor waterpark wings.

So I pull up to the drive-thru speaker. The frontage road and drive-thru lane sort of converge, so I waved one driver into the lane, but he was at the speaker only a moment before driving off. I pull up. It's 10:59. The girl says, "Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your breakfast order?"

I'm a bit flummoxed by this. "Can I not order a cheeseburger?"

She says, apparently not joking, "Sir, we don't serve lunch for another minute."


"All right," I say.


I add, "I guess...I...don't have anything to order."

Cheerfully, she says, "Okay! Have a nice day, sir."

And away we go!
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