onsdag, november 22, 2006

Raisin Cain

Why aren't raisins called shrivlins or deflatins?

And what ever happened to the Post vs. Kellogg's raisin bran debate? I miss the old ads. I miss many old ad jingles, I think...but one's memory is rosy, I suppose. It just seems that once upon a time ad jingles were more palatable. For example, the old "I'm a Pepper! He's a Pepper! She's a Pepper!" Dr. Pepper jingle. It'll never be a wedding song, sure, but it was lightyears better than that bastard version Garth Brooks put out. That awful racket probably aired during the Super Bowl. I just remember the country hotties walking with hip spirit through that ghost town, and then there's Garth, shit-eatin', Dr. Pepper-swiggin' grin. There's a man on a fiddle. They jam.

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