onsdag, november 29, 2006


A bit of the North Shore (Minnesota's North Shore, that is), as photographed by my brother, the tK.

Jana noted at her blog yesterday that she considered the blog Overheard in Minneapolis a guilty pleasure. (There are various blogs like it.) True enough.

As such, here's an overheard bit I scratched into my notebook the last time I was at The Happy Gnome in my neighborhood. Three men drinking at the bar:

Man 1:
You know what my daughter said to me? "What do you do for a living?" You know what I told her? "I make a living being falsely sincere."

Man 2: That's the truth.

They all laughed.

Man 1: Wait. You know what she said? Perfectly sarcastic: "Nice." She's seven. That's her mother. That's not me. I guarentee it. I'm getting divorced. She's going to divorce me. I'm just dead in the water."

Man 2 or 3: D.O.A.

Man 2 or 3: D.O.A.!

They toast. An appropriate silence descends.
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