onsdag, august 23, 2006

Treats, Sans Tango

On Sunday we had a dessert party at Jess and Jennifer's, though the tango venture that was to have followed at the Loring was cancelled. Without the tango band, the bar apparently feels at a loss for what to do. How about a tango CD? Problem: Solved.

Fearing--FEARING!!--the joint would teem with chocolates and cakes, I brought yogurt and fruit "par fates." All in all, a good mix of eats. (Excellent sorbet, Jenni. Quite refreshing.)

For those thinking, "cK? Doing the tango?" Not yet, friends. I need to learn the steps. The closest I've come is watching Robert Duvall on 20/20 (or was that a Dateline "Tango Survivor" story?) and in the film Assassination: Tango. But I'd like to learn. I had intended to make the trek to Loring for the photo and writing opp.


Speaking of desserts, check out this simple grilled dessert from E's awesome Iceland blog, Reykjavik Harbor Watch:

"...but after trying this Icelandic camping delicacy, I have no further questions. ...Take one banana per camper, lay on its side, and slice along the curve (no peeling!)almost through the other side- leave the skin on the bottom intact. Break up chunks of Mars bar, or peppermint-filled chocolate (Pipp works well), or Sírius Konsum bittersweet. Set on the grill, cover, and let sit until the bananas have gone soft and the chocolate is melted. Eat with a spoon. I'm historically not a banana fan but this is TOO good- hot, melty, and almost too sweet. Try it. For extra credit, I'm told a shot of Grand Marnier or other liqueur adds a certain something."

Full episode here with more thoughts in the comments section.

Hours of sleep I completed last night: 1.5.

Something I'm happy about: Carolyn now works at Saint Paul's Chatterbox Pub location. Two cheers for the Paul! Must write about that joint soon.

Most alarming (yet funny) link Johnny G. has passed along in quite some time: Urinal.net. Specifically, a link to a photo...essay?...of the urinals at my alma mater, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. I'd no idea I'd seen so little of the campus in my eight years there.
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