mandag, august 21, 2006

Soap Star? or an Oscar Walk?

Would you rather appear on a soap opera (and, if so, which one)? or walk down the red carpet at the Oscars?

I'm thinking of this because of this brilliant article. It reminded me of a day when my sister and I were heading to a mall. On the radio, they said a US survey found that roughly 70 percent of women preferred shoe shopping to sex. I started laughing, even added a single "cha-ching" gesture, not for commerce but for the total burn on us dudes. (Don't act surprised, brothers.) My sister said, "Actually, that number seems a little low."

I love that article, but I need a day to acquire some statistics in support of the theory it's birthed in my already cracked brain.

But the article includes note of a strange question from the South African survey: Soap opera actor? or red-carpet walker?

I'm choosing soap, but, admittedly, the red carpet is really more for women. They get to display the real fashion (and fashion flops, hello Miss Thang). So I'm going the soap opera route. And I'm choosing Passions. I'd want to be an elf, or an overtaxed psychic.
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