mandag, august 21, 2006


CK3K is fast approaching! The Drama Mater looks forward to its 3000th hit. If it's someone I know, I think I'll make you a t-shirt. (I meant to do this for number 2000, but I didn't get my act together. Sorry, Lynchburg, Virginia. That was you, I think.)

Too much to do today, but time to tell you this:

1. Katie Curac will soon begin hosting the CBS Evening News. National news personalities (save for Jim Lehrer) make me less-likely to watch the news. I really would prefer Max Headroom to a lead news figure. I love that I don't know who's going to host a news hour during the day on CNN. I'm sure there's a schedule, but it feels random to me. And the BBC at night. Seems like different people daily, as if at the BBC they draw straws.

2. The Othello board in this coffee shop makes me want to eat Oreos.

3. The cable network TNT has started showing every Wednesday four consecutive episodes of Without a Trace. You may know drama, TNT, but you don’t know scheduling.

4. Confession: In college I saw the entire run of the series WINGS during daily back-to-back episodes (4 - 5 pm on Fox, of course) while B-Marquee smoked his bong. It was our bonding hour.

5. The Pepsi Jazz commercials are hideous.
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