torsdag, august 17, 2006

Thursday is Thor's Day

What, might you ask, should you do with your Thursday? the name of which descends from the Nordic god Thor?

1. Even if you are among the anti-MySpace crowd, or you just feel an underwhelming indifference towards it and all conversations about it, you should visit the page for the Montreal-based band Banquet.

I don't quite like the name they've settled on, but I have to admit that there is something of a...decadent richness to their sound. Gene Shallot might call it an auditory feast. Eh-hem.

ATTN: They need a singer! They need vocals, really, even just one word uttered in their tunes. If you have aspirations of becoming a hip French-Canadian band leader, or if you'd like to hear what Bach might uncork if given access to a 2006 synth harpsicord (Was George Carlin right about Bill and Ted's guidance of future music and world peace in the wake of their excellent adventure?), give Banquet a listen. "Not Title Yet" "No Yet Again" and "Collasio" are available (finally) for free download via their page. NOTE: the two "No" tracks may require you to add ".mp3" to their name if you download them.

I also like Final Flash, but they go through periods of immense arrogance and I'm a little cheesed they've removed the rather sweet "White Tiger in My Heart" track from their page. I guess I'll just have to find the EP.

2. Ignore the first-round PGA scores. (Most of you are like, "Check.")

3. This is cute...but sort of creepy.

4. Wonder how much more of an ass Luis can make of himself as he lords over Fancy's police academy training. His repeated, wide-eyed, sarcastic "Is it too hard for you?" lines make me want to brain the Passions writing staff with a loose chunk of wood. They did rescue an episode recently by switching quickly to a montage. What song was that?

5. Stay out of the current nerd debate on whether Pluto is a planet and, if so, why not some other little space rocks too. (Again, you're like: CHECK.)

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