tirsdag, august 01, 2006

What a Wonderful World

5 Things I Am Happy to Restore to My Life, Now that the Heatwave Has Broken

1. Food
2. Sleep
3. Running
4. Moving without Sweating (Running Excluded)
5. Resisting the Urge to Kill the Idiots

This town was like 28 Days Later. At least, it was like that in my head.

If I'm to wake up in a sweat again this year, I hope it is a cold sweat. Maybe a malaria sweat. Or the sweat that comes from the subconscious and conscious minds wrestling in one's sleep, bringing forth one's deeply buried espionage past and the revelation that an old flame with whom things just were never going to work out no matter how deeply one, or two, wanted them to is in danger and that that danger is connected to one's espionage past. The old self is reborn, dressed in black.

A quest begins.
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