fredag, juli 21, 2006

Trumps and Connections

The interior at Chico Chica

My Nissan is one year newer than Sixth Sense / Pay It Forward actor Haley Joel Osment's car. I would think it more reasonable to find me driving a car that is a year older than Haley. Not the case. He's driving a 1995 Saturn, by the way. Guh?

In my latest attempt to be harried by airlines, I booked a trip yesterday to West Palm Beach on Continental. Flight departs this Sunday. After purchasing the trip, I realized that my connection times are insane. On the way there, I connect in Detroit and have a 38-minute window to get to the PBI (Palm Beach International) flight. Little else goes from Detroit to Palm Beach. Thank god it's an early morning flight (6 am out of Minneapolis). We might be on time.

It gets worse on the way back. The midday flight from Palm Beach connects in Houston, where I'll be giving a 30-minute window. Gah!!

I feel like winning the Powerball this weekend. Normally, I wouldn't accept an paltry sum lower than $200 million (with a cash payout north of $100 million), but I'm feeling particularly generous today towards what I'll accept as a glorious victory. Powerball: You're in the crosshairs. (Ha, Haley Joel Osment! Try to keep up with my wheels now!)

Going to see the Plastic Constellations and Tapes N Tapes at First Avenue this weekend.

Lunch at Chico Chica was awesome yesterday. (Thanks for the stories, Jess. Sorry 'bout the wasps that hounded the first table, though.) I highly recommend the cheese enchilladas. Yeah, those are hard to mess up, but Chico Chica's were really good. Perfect balance of green chilis.

After more than two years in this building, I'm starting to learn who my neighbors are, and I don't mean through their bad behavior. It's just that we're all starting to introduce ourselves, having had time to decide that none of us are too creepy. One cat down the hall is a poet. Good.

Feel I had a breakthrough on the novel yesterday evening. Here's hoping. ... [NOTE: That elipses takes one into a dreamland where anything is possible.]
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