fredag, juli 28, 2006

It's the Weekend

It's been a nice week here in Florida, a state that has become, quite pleasantly though not enough to win over my Nordic heart, a little more than 1/12th of my year. Chemo treatments (not mine) have started on a very good note...and they can, believe me. Like some sort of crazed camel of desserts, I've downed four 16-oz mango shakes in five days, the consumption of which probably took no longer than 2 minutes each. My Tulipan Bakery crush even got to thinking of me (and Lara and Elizabeth, one presumes) as a regular. By this morning, she could tell us what we wanted. Lovely.

Perhaps next week when E and L stop at the bakery my crush will say, "And a mango shake?" and they'll say, "No. Ol' boy went home to Minnesota." My crush will utter "Minnesota" as if it was an exotic island no one had ever seen, a place of fable and mystery and ever-ripe fruit.

Well, we've got hockey. And we love it.

What else? Ah, yes! Ray taught me how to shoot orcs and goblins with a strongbow. It was pretty infectious, I have to say.


As I used to tell my students every Friday when class was over, "It's the weekend. Be smart, stay safe."

Class dismissed!
-David Lee Roth
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