mandag, juli 24, 2006


Not a bit inspired by the forthcoming release of Michael Mann's film version of Miami Vice, I've returned to south Florida this week. This air is like living within an aloe plant, or a greenhouse full of aloe plants. It's just wet. But the friends here more than make up for it. (Thanks, friends!)

Skipped the morning run. Will probably skip running entirely this week.

The weekend back home in Minnesota was a joy, I want to note. Big thanks due to Kelly G and Jeff V for their visit. Had a nice night on Friday in the garden at my neighborhood's most inexplicably named joint, the Happy Gnome (seriously). This was followed by a right-fine sit at Minneapolis' CC Club on Saturday. Ever wise, we transformed Saturday eve into something of a Pabst and cheese assault ahead of K and J's time at First Avenue. The jealousy of our Wisconsin neighbors was palpable. It seeped across the border and briefly clouded the sky.

Our feast: Cheese sticks, cheese curds, and veggie quesadillas. Awesome.

The quesadillas at the CC Club are, by the way, tasty, cheap ($4) and much larger than at most joints. Get some, and get a PBR on tap.

I repeat: It was wonderful to see you KG. Thanks for coming up. And Jeff, grand to me you. I just wish I could post the George Clinton story...but I know I can't.

Two more notes:

1. Jen, big love to you and all my sympathies on the recent break-in. If there's anything I can do, please let me know.

2. I'd like to welcome Tony's blog. He's a good horse handicapper...which is someone who will analyze races and place bets (or at least recommend them), not someone who does a Tonya Harding and takes a lead pipe to a horse's fetlocks. Welcome, Dr. Fager!(Some history on the Fager name can be found here.) Let us hope your wisdom shines more brightly than that of Dr. Detroit.
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