torsdag, juli 27, 2006

Blaine? or Copperfield?

The pressing issue on the radio en route to work was this: David Blaine? or David Copperfield? Who is more impressive?

I'm going to side with Blaine, though I must admit I'm getting a little weirded out by his increasing ick-art stunt tendencies. The recent merman submersion was really gross. Did he plan that with the writer of the Seven screenplay or something?

As for David Copperfield, spectacle tends to lose me, and his ostentatious manner of ripping aside sheets and cloths, then posing with them, usually aided by a mild, fluttering breeze, while around him dry ice and smoke machines uncork some atmosphere...well, it's a bit much. As are the puffy white shirts undone three buttons. And the French cut pants. I feel like if magic hadn't worked out for him he'd just be running around medieval fairs in full regalia and attempting to woo maidens, yet he wouldn't be on the payroll.

True enough, I found his marriage to Claudia Schiffer at his private island lair to be a little too close to something that might occur on Days of Our Lives or Passions.

Wow. Is David Copperfield the real life Tony Demeira? son of the uberevil Stefano? Actually, that makes Copperfield more interesting. But Blaine still has him. For now.

Clearly, both men have made pacts with the Devil...who may in fact be Tom Green.
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