tirsdag, august 22, 2006

Take On Me

Today's song: "Take On Me" by A-friggin'-Ha. Woo! I started listening to this tune again just yesterday. It's delightful. Listen to it on headphones and you'll pick up all the cute little layers, like the "BUHP buh-buh-buh-buhp" the lead singer bubbles during the intro (at 0:26 on the timer, to be exact). And the transition in the middle moves from this creepy staccato synth work into a crisp highlighting of the central synth arrangement as all the other sounds drop away. It reminds me strongly of the entrance of the nerd band at the end of Revenge of the Nerds.

That transition is creepy, too.

If you can't tell by the fubar 'graph above, I can't (effectively) write about music. Transitions? Arrangements? I was going to write the words "soaring falsetto," but it occurred to me that I don't know really what a falsetto is. I always think of it as an impersonation of the Castrati.

Mips: Perhaps you will one day enlighten me about all this singing? I was reminded of how little I know when I visited karaoke for the first time. The songs were prefaced with info about measures and keys. (Guh?)

Has James Bond ever had to karaoke?

Most recent heart-wrenching Scandinavian film I've seen: The Other Side of Sunday (1996). Not bad. I haven't watched many Norwegian films, but perhaps after this one I will. I tend to give the Swedes and Danes too much of a lead in this area. Time to give Norway a chance.

Developing Song List of the morning, one which I may burn onto a disc for the impending Hot Dish Party:
1. Jane of the Jungle - The's
2. Take on Me - A-Ha
3. Collasio - Banquet
4. Love Hurts - Sinead O'Connor
13. Romantica - Apparat Organ Quartet
14. New Mooon on Monday - Duran Duran
15. Lazy Line Painter Jane - Belle & Sebastian

"On the last bus out of town ..."
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