fredag, januar 26, 2007

Prelude to a Nerd

Saturday I have an '80s party in Elk River, Minnesota. I believe I'm going to go as a nerd, as in Revenge of the Nerds, though I don't believe that's much of a challenge for me. I'm a nerd, regardless. Huh? You want proof? Alright. Here it is:

(Costume? What costume?)

As part of my Friday eve, though, I popped by Frost (one of my block's locals) to hand Terry the third Arnaldur Indridason novel (who I know you aren't reading but you should be). It was a wonderful night.

Sol was a bit tired and testy, but fun nonetheless. And Terry is always a treat. Tommy's an unbeatable bartender (though please don't try to disprove me with a whooping stick). And I was amazed by the kindness, wisdom and humor of Erin, who told a great many really funny tales and asked welcomed "But why do you feel that way?" questions, to which I could not intelligently respond.

She's a grand soul. It was great to get to know her beyond a name. If you want to say something foul about her, evil dudes who might be reading this, fair enough, but please know I'll rip your face off. And I mean with my bare hands. Just ask the Harholdt Sisters. You insult them, you've got no face. End of story. So.

Such a night is welcomed, friends. (If you want to complain, please visit the Hulles.) We all need new perspectives in life. I adore that in my neighborhood I'm so consistently treated to them. This is such a good place to be.

I'm blessed in this way. Thanks, yous.

Happy days for the weekend and well beyond,
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