torsdag, januar 18, 2007

Brass and Sass

About a week ago at Reykjavik Harbor Watch--one of my most favorite blogs--E posted three links to videos by Baggalutur. I adore their songs. Their use of horns is just joyous. Really. Please watch the video for "Gamlarsparty."

The moment they draw straws (about 1:50 in) is priceless.

And their video (and song) "Brostu" is just great fun. The ending 90 seconds includes a hilarious incorporation of people singing/speaking lines over the video. I fell hopelessly in love with one of those guests too.

Man. I just adore those dudes. Yay for Baggalutur and E!!


Sucker MCs beware! The mC is blogging now. Welcome, friend! Keep writing. I'm reading.
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