tirsdag, januar 16, 2007


This is the cutest bottle of wine. Ever. Heather, did you give me this one? I still have the Imagery, Core and Madiran bottles you gifted. The Madiran, you'll recall, is the one with the blood-splatter font. Oh, that was good wine.

Cathedral Hill

This pillar always makes me feel a little sad. Give the girl a rest!

After a very long day--it was seriously longer than most days; I can't explain that scientifically, but it's true--I popped down the block to the cozy bar at Frost for a drink. I overheard the following uttered behind me. There were two people at the table but I only ever heard one. I thought maybe she was on a cell phone, but I think the man with her just spoke quietly. She said:

"No, no. I'm sorry. I can't invite you to my home. Sorry. I have plenty of friends, you know, but in 21 years in that house I've never had any of them over."

...Pause, as if something was being said to her.

She continues: "No, no. It's a we. We haven't had anyone over."


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