tirsdag, januar 09, 2007

Art! Art! Art!

This is a painting by Johnny Taylor, a real person in Memphis, Tennessee. He's even got a Web site. Way to go, Johnny!

I'm full of love when I think of Memphis (though, admittedly, I'm still pretty angry at Tennessee for some crappy voting decisions in the 2006 mid-term elections!).

I love Johnny Taylor AND his work. I hope you'll visit his page and adore his paintings. And please let me note that I love his incorporation of the Morton Salt Girl in some of his stuff. My dad used to work for Morton so I grew up with all sorts of Morton stuff in the house with images of Morton Salt Girls throughout the company's life. Coasters, magnets, coffee mugs, even canisters of salt. The Shirley Temple-like 1920s girl. The reserved 1950s girl. The way-too-short-of-a-raincoat 1960s girl.


I also love Johnny's sister, Betsy. And I love Betsy's husband, Christopher, who (from Memphis, mind you) gave me some lovely directions in a pinch to the alumni hall at the University of Minnesota today after MapQuest gave me a headache.

And I love their cat Fanny Nipper...and their pug dog Mr. Tuppence...and their friends Lori and Jared and Hank...and the Lost Sounds...and...

This is interesting. Johnny? Did you live there?

Somehow, I don't think THIS is from you. But it could be.
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