mandag, januar 08, 2007

Thumbs Up for Jana!

While she'll probably use her powers of photography for good, whereas I use mine for a minutia of evil, I'm very happy today to find that Jana has started posting photos at her site! Or maybe she's just posting a photo and will never again.

But maybe.

A tired, article-whipped cK can dream.

Three things:

1. Why does my thumb look so weird?

2. That is a blanket behind my head; it's not a clandestine monk's robe. It's just very chilly in my apartment. Also, I'm not stoned, just sleep-deprived.

3. If I'm this pale now, imagine my pallor in March. You'll be able to read by me at night. (Reminds me of the Santamation in which the elf wants to be a dentist. The Bumble approaches at some point and the elf says to Rudolph, "Douse the light!")

It is frosty on the windows in the morning.

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