tirsdag, december 26, 2006

In a Fog

Each night between midnight and 5 a.m. my left big toe cracks with each step. An insomniac discovers these things.

I wandered down for water the other night. My toe kept time the whole way and back upstairs. Back in the room I caught a view of the neighborhood through the cracked blinds.

A fog had settled in and the effect was intensified by frost forming on the windows as the damp air condensed and began to freeze. The world looked very black and white, quite noirish. For a spell I just watched a neighbor's front path light entranced by how white it looked as it spread itself on the window frost.


It's been a wonderful holiday. I'm softer now. We feasted on the 23rd, 24th, 25th and will again today on the 26th. My siblings and their significant others are leaving this morn, but an uncle, his fiancé and cousin arrive soon.

The fridge is jammed with leftovers but another couple dishes will be made. More will be unwrapped.

I'll wash the dishes, and, per usual, heated with my industry will retire to the back porch in the cold to sip some Bailey's or a bit of riesling and listen to the silence of the field.

We watched the St. Olaf Christmas in Norway (Trondheim) two nights ago and Child's Christmas in Wales last night. Ate bread pudding. Feel wonderful.
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