onsdag, december 20, 2006


Because something should occupy this space today, a man feeds a child cream cheese from a butterknife in Omaha, Nebraska.

Because I'm envious of Mips's accordian.

Because I dreamed I'd become a revolutionary in Asia. I was chased among university buildings modeled after architecture in Europe. I scaled a stone wall. I was holding a bomb, and I was confused as to whether I was bombing something or preventing a disaster. I planted it within a massive bronze sculpture that looked like an ode to undersea weeds. I would be caught.

Because there is nothing in my heart for country today, which, I suppose, was the exact feeling I've had for a long time but it made itself more known to me after watching an excellent episode ("The German Woman") of Foyle's War last night.

Because this year none of us seems to want much of anything for Christmas other than a sense of peace and (peaceful) time together; and I wonder if this is the way things are going with everyone; and if it is, if we're down to one another and holding on and building it back up from the inside rather than surrounding ourselves with ever greater gadgets, that doesn't seem so bad.

Not a bit.
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