torsdag, januar 04, 2007


I'm so very delinquent in writing about my excellent brunch out at the Carlson compound, but will beg off for another day on that. It's a nice Friday piece. Good energy for the weekend.

Dinner at the Gnome

Yesterday I met my sister at Fleur de Lis, a flower shop in my neighborhood. She picked out flowers for her wedding and then we met our brother and his wife for dinner at the Happy Gnome a few doors down.

Lovely time.

I drank white russians and ate the venison burger with carmalized onions and gorgonzola. The lingonberry aioli was a wonderful accompanying element. (Lingonberries!! Woo for the Swedes!) I wish I'd save the other photo of the burger, but in my hasty photo managing I deleted the wrong one. Ah, well. This serves well enough.

It won't get me a food photography job, but you get the point: Good eats.
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