søndag, januar 14, 2007

Bearing Down

A color photo of a black-and-white photo in the winter light of Minnesota as diffused through a frosted window.

I adore Sundays in winter. I like baking a homemade pizza. I like the steadiness of football. I like watching Meet the Press. I like the sound and smell of the coffee percolating, and I like waking at 6 a.m., no matter what went on the previous night, to The Splendid Table on NPR then going into the kitchen to start the day by preparing dough while listening to Weekend Edition.

I went about it all patiently this morning, taking two hours (7 - 9) on the dough and base ingredients for the pizza: shallot, garlic, rosemary, roasted red pepper, hot pepper flakes, olive oil, green onion, shitaki mushroom, a minced chili pepper and a cute dollop of creamery butter. Later, I'll dice and salt the romas.

I did the dishes while waiting for the hot pepper-flake dough to rise. I showered while the red pepper sweated itself in a plastic-covered oversized mug. I swept. I scrubbed the sink.

Weekend Edition included a wonderful interview with Yo-Yo Ma, Liane Hansen (normally the host) sounding butchered by a cold and getting butchered (figuratively speaking) by Will Shortz during the puzzle segment, and a nice block of soundbites from the week.

Those soundbites, early on in the broadcast, are always one of my favorite points of the day; of the week, really. Puts things in perspective.

But I suppose any pattern will do that.


Today the Bears play the Seahawks in the NFC playoffs. For the most part, I'm able to regulate my blood pressure during a Bears game now, though it's taken 14 years of living away from Chicago television during football season to accomplish this calmer state. Yet, with the playoffs here and Rex Grossman's erratic performance, I can already feel the pressure building in my neck as I anticipate the game's arrival.

It's fitting that my living room radiator is huffing madly this morning.

But come gametime pizza will provide the steadiness. Or I'll wash the floor during the game to stay distracted. Or I'll frame the photo of baby Ryder that Elizabeth and Sasha sent. (Thanks for that, friends!)

Regimen will prevail. It's Sunday. It must.
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