torsdag, januar 25, 2007

Championship Belts

The world's oldest person just keeps dying.

On Wednesday it was Emiliano Mercado del Toro (115!!) in Puerto Rico. Before him was Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bolden (116!!) in Tennessee. (So close to Lizzy Borden! Nice.) Before her was Ecuador's Maria Esther de Capovilla (116!!).

So. Somewhere a person has inherited this title. And today I'm wishing a championship belt went along with it. Maria should have gone about wearing her Oldest Person Championship Belt. I think at her death it should have been flown to Tennessee and given to Lizzy. From there, off to Puerto Rico to award it to Emiliano.

And with Emiliano's passing the belt is removed and flown to Connecticut and placed upon 114-year-old Emma Faust Tillman (who is noted at the end of the BBC article about Emiliano).

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A Few Credits

* Joy: Thanks much for the wonderful (though slightly frightening) hitchhike story from Moscow. GAH!!
* MC: Thank you for introducing me to my new two-week crush, Maria Bamford.
* Carslon: You got the best of me on the Clijsters - Hingis match, indeed.
* Elbee: Thanks for the beautiful note the other day about the Family K and Erin's wedding pics and such. I owe you a response. This isn't it.
* Former Neighbor of Apartment 601: Your courteous presence is missed.
* Mouse: It's too quiet around here. Where are you?
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