søndag, januar 21, 2007

Downsville was Up

We had a lovely time this past weekend at Downsville, Wisconsin's Creamery Inn. That's about six miles south of Menomonee. You probably do not know either town. That's alright. But if you find yourself near it some day, perhaps passing along I-94, consider stopping. It's gorgeous out there.

We'd gathered for my sister's wedding. (It was also her husband's wedding.) The eK is now the eR. She's now a Raivala. Perhaps we will bill all family gatherings as Friends and Raivalas.


The inn was pretty cute. It had a gift shop (mostly local pottery goods and scarves) and a bakery with some kickass scones and fresh baguettes.

We had a bit of snow on the ground and the air was scented by the inn's numerous fireplaces. It was sunny for the wedding day. We woke today to a steady, quiet snow that fell upon the frozen lake.

I was perhaps the first of the party outside this morning as there were no tracks in the snow yet. It was a nice moment.

For the wedding we took over the inn. All the rooms were rented to us. There were two structures. Those of us in the primary building (which had a restaurant and bar) were given afterhours keys that worked the deadbolt on the front door. I'd expected doors with automatic locks. I was surprised to find we were responsible for making sure the front door was rebolted. No one manned the late-night desk. You can have that out there. That's refreshing.

So. Yes. A wonderful wedding. Great food (including a Kaluha cake, hey). The speeches from John (one of the groom's brothers) and my brother (the tK) were outstanding. Succinct, funny and touching. And the stories told around the reception were choice. And being that we were the inn some folks milled about in their pajamas. Shoes were shed. Ties were loosened. A number of people put casual clothes back on. One woman even remarked, "I'll be back. I've got to get rid of this bra."

I've an impossible amount of work this week, but I feel very good right now. And next weekend is round two of the wedding festivities: an '80s party in Elk River, Minnesota. It'll be epic.
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