onsdag, november 08, 2006

No More Politics, Please

Yay for Nancy Pelosi and the Dems for taking control of the House!! Let's hope they don't devour themselves as they did after 1992 when that Congress fell on its face and led to the 1994 Republican Revolution.

I sat up way too late watching election results come in, but I did not hear the Minnesota results until this morning. I'm stunned to find that Timilquetoast Pawlenty is still the governor...especially after the gigantic victory Klobuchar scored for the Dems in the US Sentate. (Mark Kennedy, you Bush toady, you robotic, unblinking schoolboy, take that! Your time in Congress was welcomed only for the moment in Farenheit 9/11 when Michael Moore asks if you'd send your kids to Iraq. Your offended look and the quick edit away from that confrontation was, I believe, where Moore won the Palm d'Or at Cannes.)

How ugly was all this? I can't think of any better example of blind partisan support than Minnesota's 6th sending that psycho-conservative Michelle Bachman to Congress. Really, 6th. I know that Wetterling was not the best candidate, and she got pretty scary there at the end (with ample creep support from the DCCC commercial machine), but Bachman? Really? She's Tammy Faye with better make-up sense. She's our Katharine Harris (who even Florida came to regret, thank god). She's an unwitting advocate of the Vagina Dentata. C'mon, 6th. Knock it off.

Virginia makes me tense.
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