tirsdag, oktober 31, 2006

Still Lives

I wish my life was a bit more still, but was again last night too busy to blog. Gah!! Still, I offer you this photo of the College of Visual Arts building on Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

It isn't uncommon to see young people wander out of this house carrying bananas. They look so self-conscious about it.

Crap. Where was I going? I recall one night being given a banana at work, on the way out, no less, then meeting some friends at a bar. Though I was happy to see them, it was quickly pointed out to me that in my coat, sure enough, it actually was a banana in my pocket.

Oh. This makes me want to see Nancy. She carried her own filberts in an old pill jar that once held anti-depressants. She traded in those pills for tequilla gimlets. Lord was she funny....
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