fredag, oktober 27, 2006

Where are you going? Where have you been?

Sharing a bit of your travels, friends. Of the photo above, my brother, the tK, writes: "I don't have a solid memory of this photo from Mexico. Most of my memories are based more on food than on time. The night of that photo was early in the trip, and we stopped at a place called Charlie's for a few drinks. An Americanized place, no doubt, but the guacamole was outstanding.

"After we'd sat there awhile, enjoying the guac and Sol beer, Matt wandered off to find the restrooms. On the way back, he spotted some women in the middle of a dance lesson. Whereas I might think it rude to photograph people without their consent, Matt harbored no such reservations. And thank goodness. The resulting image included a slower shutter than Matt expected, giving a nice movement to the photograph. Life in Mexico was carefree, relaxed, and colorful. I think this photo captures that."

Hope captured this image in Snoqualmie, Washington. She was traveling with her friends Lori and Katie. On one of their days in Washington they toured outside Seattle, stopping long enough at this waterfall to snap a photo and say, "Oooo, isn't that pretty?" It is pretty.

Photos of this sort make me think of Twin Peaks and the Great Northern Hotel. Those thoughts make me happy.

Finally, a photo of Hope and the tK. They get married this evening! I happen to be the Best Man, but since there are two groomsmen, not three or more, I think this means I must be the Better Man.

Two grand souls.
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