fredag, november 03, 2006

The Scar You Can't See

The inside of my right cheek...and I'm talking about my face. I totally, TOTALLY bit my cheek today why eating a Snickers. Snickers: The bar I was eating years ago when a front tooth snapped off. Dammit, Mars Corporation!

This is disgusting. It's like a cap exploded in my mouth. It's an exit wound without an entry wound. I can feel little flaps in there. Ick.


I just don't care about SNL, Studio 60, or 30 Rock (despite my coveting Tina Fey).


The world's ocean fish stocks are depleting at a rate to wipe them out in 50 years. That's really sad. And scary.


Common Good Books, co-owned by Garrison Keillor here on my block, is a cute shop. It just opened. Painted on one of the beams are the words, PRAY FOR CLARIFICATION. Indeed.

I'm rereading Ethan Frome. It is winter again. I want to read old books set in New England.
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