torsdag, november 02, 2006

Life Soundtrack

I'm totally stealing from Mips here. It's an iPod shuffle thing for your life's soundtrack. What do call this sort of thing? A meme? Is that right? Put it on shuffle and enter the songs that pop up for the various chapters/scenes noted below. I've added a couple music links for songs or song versions that I think are a little obscure (due to them being MySpace downloads).

May I say that while my final battle is an odd choice (probably all slow-mo with me getting my ass kicked), my closing credits rock.

But who among you is daring enough to break up with me while Duran Duran plays one of my favorites in the background? Please.

My Random Soundtrack

Opening Credits:
“Blame the English” - The Lovekevins

Waking Up: “Transmission” – Joy Division

First Day At School: “Movie Monster” – Sound Team

Falling In Love: “100,000 Fireflies” – The Magnetic Fields

Fight Song: “Get Up” – Sleater-Kinney [What are the chances? That's right: 1 in 228, the number of songs stored in my iTunes.]

Breaking Up: “New Moon on Monday” – Duran Duran

Prom: “There’s No Need To Argue” (Live) - Cranberries [Oh. That's so sweet!]

Life: “Guete Bode” – Crepesuzette Acappella

Mental Breakdown: “Clinically Dead” – Chad van Gaalen

Driving: "When We Two Parted" – Afghan Whigs

Flashback: “Rebellion (Lies)” – Arcade Fire

Getting Back Together: “Alsatian Cousin" (Live) - Morrissey

Wedding: “Tame” - Pixies

Birth of Child: “Juke Box Hero” – The HeavyWaits

Final Battle: “I Believe in You” – Sinead O’Connor

Death Scene: “Born Slippy” - Underworld [Ooo. Perfect.]

Funeral Song:
“Sparrow Parade” – Cake on Cake

End Credits:
“Tonight It’s You” – Cheap Trick
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