fredag, november 10, 2006


Things that delight me:

1. Deee-Lite's 1990 World Clique album. Still. Bootsy! I even have the tape. Still.

2. The photo of Elizabeth and Alanna. Or Alanna and Elizabeth. I can't tell them apart just yet. (Note: These are not my children.)

3. Luis and Fancy have fallen something like a mile down a wooden-walled shaft on Passions. They are, right this moment, falling. Again. They manage to hook a rope around something. The rope breaks. They fall. Fancy falls from a ledge. Luis jumps into thin air, catches up with her (Guh?), and manages to stop their descent. They fall again. (Metaphor for love?) I suspect they'll soon pass from the crust into the mantle. What's on tv where YOU work? CNN? Professional training videos? Suckers.
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